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Click Here to Download the easy-to-use tool that will fix file extension association problems and allow you to open files with the correct application.

Problems Opening File Extension .?

Are you having difficulties viewing files with the extension .?  This is commonly caused by incorrect file associations in the registry. A common symptom of this problem is when you try to open up a document, picture, email attachment or any other unknown file type, and you get a Windows prompt like the one shown below (This is a Vista screenshot. The XP and Windows 7 ones are slightly different):

can't open file

Solution: Download, Fix Errors and Open Your File

ParetoLogic Inc. is a software development company specializing in computer utilities and security software. This particular application was developed by over 100 talented software professionals. The end goal was to create a utility that can accomplish the complicated task of fixing file extension problems like this but be easy enough for the novice computer user. All you need to do is download the software below. After the installation is complete, you simply click the 'Start Scan' button to begin the process. After a few minutes, the software will come up with recommendations based upon the errors that are found on your computer. To safely repair these errors, simply click the 'fix errors' button. You will then be a couple clicks away from opening your problem file.

Additional Benefits You Will Notice

In addition to resolving your PC's file extension association issues, you will likely see these improvements in performance over time:
  • Easily open files that Windows does not recognize
  • Reduction of errors associated with having the wrong application
  • Drag and Drop files onto the application for easy fixing
  • It monitors your system and alerts you if something is trying to change your file extension assocations.
  • Ability to schedule automatic repairs
  • Customer support from a proven and trusted team

Recent Testimonials

"OMG! Finally! My daughter sends me tons of emails with attachments that I can NEVER watch. I did a search and got FileCure. Now it's all good!"

- Marion Clary, Michigan

"Almost every day I double-click on word docs and they would open. Last week however I couldn't open any .doc files. I now use FileCure to manage what you call file extensions. It makes the right programs open the files."

- Sally H, Boston, MA.

"I can't believe how smart computers are! I spent hours trying to open this Power Point thing or whatever it is. I just couldn't figure it out. With your FileCure I was able to see what my Realtor wanted me to see. Thank you."

- LeRoy Eckroth, Quebec, QC.

"I can't thank you enough! I used to get so frustrated trying to get files someone sent me to open. I was told about FileCure and figured I had nothing to lose. It has really saved me lots of time."

- Tom Day, San Francisco, CA.

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Don't Worry - We're Here to Help!

As your computer gets older, your system registry gets cluttered with keys and for some reason or another, your PC gets filled with programs that you don't even use. FileCure always recommends the program that you need based upon the extension you are trying to open. This download takes care of this all by automatically and instantly repairing your system with the click of a button. Simply download, scan, and fix and your PC will recommend the program that is best suited for your files.

Open Your File    
Summary of FileCure:

FileCure will analyze the file for you and let you know which program to use to open it. There are so many different file extensions and formats out there these days that it is impossible to have software to support all of them. So, FileCure will make recommendations about which programs can open certain file types and can direct you to them.

It is easy-to-use and makes a streamlined, semi-automatic process out of what can be a very confusing situation. As FileCure is backed by an experienced Customer Care and Technical Support Team, it could not be easier to open the files you need.
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